Counting Rhymes

The purpose of counting rhymes is to choose who goes first or who is ‘it’ (like in a game of tag). It’s a fun way to choose a person and encourages the kids to speak in English, because everybody likes to be the King Caller!

Eeny Meenie Miney Moe instructions:

Everybody puts their fists into a circle and the Caller touches a fist per syllable while saying:

  • Eeny Meenie Miney Moe
  • Catch a tiger by it’s toe
  • If he hollers, let him go
  • My mother said you are it.

The last person to be touched is ‘it.’

Other rhymes:

Bubble Gum

  • Bubble gum, bubble gum in a dish
  • How many pieces do you wish (the person who is ‘wish’ says a number and caller counts it out and the last person is ‘it’).

Mickey Mouse

  • Mickey Mouse built a house
  • How many bricks did it take (‘take’ says the number, etc)

Ink a Bink

  • Ink a bink a bottle of ink
  • The cork fell out and now you stink
  • My mother told me to choose the very best one
  • and you are it!

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