Calder Inspired Circus

This time we were inspired to make a circus using found objects and other things we had around the house! Everybody brought in something and we all shared. As you will see there were corks, clothes pins, ribbons and cupcake liners, bits and pieces from here and there, etc.  (Edoardo actually went outside, around his house on a hunt for objects and came back with the best treasures – including the sword for the sword swallower, parts to make a top hat for the ring master and the star decoration for the center ring!)

The lion, clown and the girl with the long red hair has the unfortunate job of picking up trash and animal poop (it must be awfully gratifying, she has a large smile on her face)!

A clown, the Ring Master in the center circle, to his right you can see a sword swallower and just below him a juggler.

A wider view of the circus with a view of the tiger (the rings of fire kept falling) and of course a beautiful mouse ballerina!

How can this be used as an ESL, EFL or bilingual tool?  Usually older kids know many of the animals and that’s always reassuring to them. Aside from introducing new animals, you can introduce various characters of a circus -like clowns, acrobats, dancers, etc as well as what they do.  Have the kids present what they’ve made and a little something about what it does. Let us know what you come up with!

To read this in Italian, click here.

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