The Sense of Color

A few months ago we entered a book in the Tocca A Te, tactile books for seeing, poorly sighted and blind. It was fun and challenging to think outside of box as illustrators. We had so many ideas we wanted to do, unfortunately there was only enough time for one. We thought it would be a challenge to explain colors. Usually,  (especially for artists) colors are for the sighted, but if you stop and think about it, colors are so much more. We tried to use words, smells and touch to convey what 9 colors are and here are some of pages:

Apologies in advanced, I didn’t think we would actually be posting pictures here-these are photos we took for our own person use so they aren’t the best quality:

Today, we received a wonderful phone call from La Federazione Nazionale delle Istituzioni pro Ciechi thanking us for our entry and despite the chance that we didn’t win, they really liked our book and would like to keep it to put in their exhibition in Rome and if it’s in the cards and budget (these books cost a lot more to reproduce than traditional books) -to publish it! Hip Hip Hooray! They liked our book!

We would like to thank La Federazione Nazionale delle Istituzioni pro Ciechi and Tocca A Te for giving us the opportunity to enter the contest and pushing us to step outside our comfort zone and create something really special!

This contest takes place in many countries, besides Italy.  We would highly recommend giving it a try next year!

To read this in Italian, click here.

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