Circus Memory

To read this in Italian, click here.

Looking for a memory game to build some vocabulary before you build your Calder inspired circus? As usual, there is a colored version:

or the color it yourself version:

Print these out, (color if needed), cut them out and glue them onto some construction paper squares – tahdah you have a circus inspired memory game!

Remember there is more than one way to play memory here are some ideas –

Fishing Versions (using homemade magnet, string, stick fishing poles)

  • Attach paperclips to the cards and have the kids fish the cards instead of using their hands.
  • Divide the deck in half. Put paper clips on one half of the deck and spread them in a circle to make a ‘pond.’ From the other half of the deck, give each player a card. Each kid gets one chance to fish per turn – if there are more cards than kids, you can give a new card if the child fishes the correct one. (If playing in a classroom, you can also put the kids in one corner of the room and ‘the pond’ in another and they have to take turns running over to the pond to ‘fish’-this makes the cards harder to see and works a little better than normal memory, when the kids can’t sit still). Make sure the kids say what they fish, (even if it’s not the matching one) and if it matches or not.
  • You can also play the card game Go Fish, but you will have to print out 4 copies of each figure.  Each player gets 5 cards (or 3 or 7) and the rest go into the center of the playing circle or table. The object of the game is to make pairs with the cards in your hand and to get rid of all your cards. First all players take out any matching cards.The player to the dealer’s left goes first. The first player asks someone ‘Do you have a…(and then he/she says one of the card he/she has in hand)?’ If the other person then hands the card over if he/she has it or tells the ‘asker’ to ‘Go Fish.’ The first player either makes a pair and can go again or takes a card from the center pile.  Then the play goes on to the player on the first player’s left and so on.

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