Emotions Memory Game

To read this in Italian, click here.

There are so many emotions, it will take forever to cover them all! But, we sure are going to try! Here are the first 12:

emotions memory color words

Print 2 versions of the faces above


Or one each of the versions below OR 2 of just the faces to make your memory game:

emotions memory color 002

As you may have noticed we’ve formatted the cards a little differently this time. We’ll try to include vocabulary words to include older kids in the future.

Remember get creative with your memory games! Aside from fishing games or pictionary or sculptionary you can play:

(these are better for small groups, next time we will do something for bigger groups)

1- Memory on Wall: tape cards upside down on the wall and the kids play a vertical version of memory. The cards can all be placed on one wall or if you have the possibility, you can scatter them on to different walls.

2 – Run and Touch –  Use only half the deck (one of each set), tape the cards face up on the wall and the teacher calls out one of the cards and the kids must run and touch the correct card.

3 – Bowling – Tape the cards onto bowling pins. On his or her turn, each child has to say what emotions got bowled down (or are still standing).

4 – Musical Flashcards – put the cards face up on the ground. The teacher plays music and the kids dance around.  The teacher stops the music and all kids must jump on one card and take turns saying what it is.

5- Charades – On his/her turn, each child takes a card and acts out what’s on the card.

(for some of these games you may have to enlarge the cards so the kids can see them).

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