Sites for Kids

To read this in Italian, click here.

The internet is a great tool to help kids learn English (that’s why we’re on here too :o) There are so many websites with interactive games, check out:

A great site for kids who are getting ready to read or are just starting to read, is starfall. There are lots of phonics games, early reading games, you can find worksheets and even apps for your phone.

Another fun site for younger kids is Sesame Street.  There are interactive games, videos and printables. You can find them on either PBSkids (you’ll have to click on Elmo to link to the Sesame Street Site, but don’t miss out on the fun and games on the PBS site) or directly on the Sesame Street site.

If you want a little something for kids of all ages there is Sheppard Software, which has a little something for kids of all ages.  There are all kinds of educational games, quizzes and puzzles.

Last, but not least for today is Brain Pop. They also have many different educational games and activities and they even have a new ESL section.

Have fun learning!

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