Take a Trip With Your Imagination

Just a little bit of imagination can take you anywhere! Check out Paper City by Made By Joel. Vicky Knysh has  made life size toys to play with.  There are life sized cars to drive, trees to pick apples from, a maze to run around in, and even laundry to hang up…all made out of cardboard! Joel Henriques has created whole cities with buildings, people and cars that you can print cut out and play with.

We’ve taken inspiration from Harold and his purple crayon and Joel and Vicky and come up with some things you can print out and play with too. In some cases, we’ve left blank areas on some, so that you can fill in your own ideas. Try and make some places up on your own too.  Where will your imagination take you?

Fold between the dots and then cut along the line.

Harold is searching for his window. Draw some windows onto the buildings, maybe one will be his.

Can you finish drawing the boat?

Every town needs some people. We've drawn a couple for you. Can you draw a few more? How about some cars? Cut out and fold the rectangles to stand the people up.

To read this in Italian, click here.


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