Flippin Out for Flip Books

Halloween is a great time to work on projects about emotions – monsters and pumpkins are always more fun if they are scary or happy or sad or angry, right?  How about making a monster or a pumpkin flip book?

Supplies:  Paper     Ruler      Pens    Scissors     Stapler     Imagination

-To make a Monster Flip Book, use the ruler to divide a piece of paper into 6 equal sections.

-To make a Jack o Lantern Flip Book – Take a piece of paper and use a ruler to draw the halfway point along the width (if you are using an A4 it’s about 15cm).  Now use the ruler to to divide the paper into 3 sections along the width, keeping the height of the middle section a bit smaller than the outter two (if you are using an A4 – the tick marks are at 6 cm,  9cm, 15 cm (the middle), 21 cm and 24 cm).

– Cut the paper in half.  Stack the two halves on top of each other, fold (with the lines toward the inside) to make a book and staple along the folded edge.

– Start drawing, back page first.  This is so that you can more or less keep the proportions
of your monster/jack-o-lantern the same.  Make sure that you keep the eyes in the top section, the nose in the middle section and the mouth in the bottom section.  (On some of the pages, you wont be able to see the guide marks, which is we folded with the lines in and started on the back page.  This way you can see through the paper and use the previous monster/jack-o-lantern as a guide to wear the face should go). Try drawing a different emotion on each page.

-Once you are finished drawing on all 4 pages, you are ready to cut.  Remember to cut on the first 3 pages and do not cut the last page! Of course if you do, you can just tape it back together.

Now you can flip the sections back and forth and change the emotions of your monster/jack-o-lantern!

In case you need some monster inspiration, here is Grover singing the Monster in the Mirror song:

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