Halloween Bingo

It’s Halloween Bingo!  The print off the cards and markers.  Cut the cards in half and then cut each of the markers out.  In order to encourage language and vocabulary, we play bingo a little differently.

  • Each player gets a card, except the Caller.
  • The markers are put into a bag and mixed up.
  • The Caller pulls out a marker, says what it is and shows it.  All players that have that character or object on their card, raise their hands and repeat back the name. The first person who does this, gets the marker to cover that same space on their card. (Only this person gets to cover a space).
  • Be careful…Any player that calls out a character or object that is not on his card, not only does not get that marker, but also must lose one of his markers on his card.
  • The first one to cover all the spaces on his card shouts ‘Halloween Bingo’ and wins that round of the game.  The winner becomes the caller.

Good luck and have lots of fun!

Per leggere questo post in italiano, cliccate qui.

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