Experiencing Watercolors

Did you know that you can use different things with watercolors, that will change the way they look? The kids at ARTiculation360 got to try several different things to spread the colors around.  They used hard brushes and soft brushes, blew puddles of color around with straws and spattered with toothbrushes.They also got to experiment with  salt, drips of alcohol, wax, plastic wrap, tissue paper and  much more.

The best part was, they did it all in English!  That probably doesn’t sound that difficult if you are reading this, but our studio is located in the heart of Brugherio (Italy). None of the kids speak English as their first language.  All of the kids did some beautiful pieces of art, experimented with water colors, learned some English and most of all had fun.

Per leggere questo post in italiano, cliccate qui.

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