Snow Globe Workshop


Scratchin Out Art

Saturday’s workshop was S-graffiti (in Italian sgaffiare means to scratch + graffiti and you get our made up word- sgraffiti).  The kids made their own scratch boards and etched out their art.

Though it’s easy to make, it takes a little time and patience since the paper needs to be covered with a thick layer of crayon first and then painted over with tempera.

After the paint fully dries, the kids used a shish kabob stick and scratched away.  It was a fun experience to work on a black surface, scratching out a lighter design and thinking backwards for the first time was definitely a challenge for everyone.

The projects were beautiful and the kids enjoyed scratching away.

Keith Haring


 Keith Haring is a fun artist to teach to kids. His style is simple, the colors are solid (and easier for kids to paint) and although the figures are easy to identify, stories about what they are doing can be told in many different ways.

For this lesson, we looked at Keith Haring’s artwork and talked about what the figures were doing in each piece. We made a list of verbs and used them to play pictionary, but with a twist…instead of drawing, we painted and it had to be done in the style of Haring. When the ‘guessers’ guessed, they had to do it saying a whole sentence or it didn’t count. The kids had a great time and didn’t want the game to end.


Out of this lesson the kids learned a new artist, experienced sketching with a paintbrush (an instrument a lot harder to control than a pencil), used their imagination, expanded their vocabulary, used sentences in the present progressive (gerund) form and we’re betting that once again, they didn’t even realize they had learned all of that.

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I know an Old Lady Who Swallowed a Pie

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Happy Thanksgiving!

I know an Old Lady Who Swallowed a Pie is a funny story about a little old lady who overeats on Thanksgiving.  Who hasn’t done that before?  Read the book and see what happens to her as a result!

This is a wonderful ESL book since it introduces many traditional Thanksgiving foods and has a lot of repetition.  If you have been playing our Thanksgiving Bingo, then you will already know the vocabulary since it includes all of the things the little old lady eats.

These are pieces for a story board.:

Print them out on thick paper, laminate them, cut them out and attach magnets (or velcro) to the back.  Using a magnetic board (or a felt board), use the pieces to retell the story.  Kids love to attach the pieces and pretend to eat them or pretend to be grossed out by them-depending on what piece it is.

For those of you who aren’t familiar, this story is a Thanksgiving take on There was an Old Lady Who Swallowed a Fly, a classic story and song for kids.  There are many versions and variations because it such a fun song and easy to learn.

Handprint Turkey

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A simple activity and good keepsake to make for Thanksgiving is a hand print Turkey.


construction paper: red     yellow     orange     brown
a pencil        googly eyes        scissors        glue

1.  Trace your hand onto the red, yellow and orange paper.  Cut out.

2. On the brown paper cut out a snowman/barbapapa shape for the head.

3. On orange paper, cut out 3 small triangles for the beak and feet. On red paper cut out a drop shape for the red piece on the beak.

4.  In any order, glue the 3 hands one on top of the other. Glue the head/body shape on top of the hands.  Glue on the eyes, nose, and red piece.

5. Tadah-you have finished your turkey! Happy Thanksgiving! Gobble Gobble!