Thanksgiving Bingo

For every holiday there is a bingo! Here is the latest…Thanksgiving Bingo!  This bingo is about many of the foods and things you may see during this holiday.

Preparation: As usual, to make this bingo game, print off as many cards as you need and then all of the bingo markers.  Cut the cards in half and cut out all the bingo markers.

How to play: Each player gets a card and all the markers go into a bag(or a box or a bowl).  The Caller fishes out a marker, says what it is and shows it to the players.  The first player to raise her hand and say what it is, gets the marker to cover that space on her board. The first one to cover all of her board and say BINGO is the winner! (You could change this and have the winner say ‘Happy Thanksgiving‘ instead of bingo, this a good ESL challenge for Italian kids since the H and TH are not found in the language).

Bingo Cards:

Bingo Markers:

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