Tree Ornament

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An ode to Mrs Whitsle and Miss Cathy:  When I was in the third and fourth grade I had 2 really amazing teachers, we did so many fun things in their classes-among them was making a yarn wrapped wreath with our school picture in it as a tree ornament. When I told my mom what project we did, she said she still hangs that ornament on the Christmas tree every year.  Isa and I went through many versions of different projects trying to find just the right one to do and of course we came back to the old tried and true.  So to Mrs. Whistle and Miss Cathy the projects that we did with you so many years ago (I won’t say exactly how many), are really oldies but goodies and I hope you know how your labors of love are still being carried out today (and across time and miles and miles of distance).

This was a great project for all ages for a manual exercise. Many of the kids had a difficult time getting the rhythm of how to pass the ball of yarn through the center hole in the beginning,n without dropping the yarn ball or letting the yarn get too long. Eventually, everyone got the hang of it and finished. Instead of a school picture, the kids drew something Christmas-y to put inside. They did a fantastic job and the decoration came out beautifully.  And of course, they did it all in English!

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