Graffiti is Art

To read this in Italian, click here.

Our latest project is graffiti.

Graffiti can be seen everywhere. Some consider it decorative and some an ugly nuisance.  In any case, it is a notable art style  and we thought the kids would have fun learning about it and creating something of their own.

We looked at works from various street artists for inspiration – some famous, such as Bansky, although his identity is unknown, his art is not.  He creates pieces that are provoke us to think, like this piece painted on the Palestine side of the West Bank barrier, a satirical view of life on the Israeli side and 2 kids blocked off from reaching it by the wall:

via palestiiinee
via palestiiinee

We also looked at art of Monica Cuoghi, an Italian artist whose work can be seen in many large cities of this country:


Many graffiti artists are anonymous, like the person who created this piece which can be seen on a wall at Stazione Lambrate in Milan:

via paesesera

via paesesera

Sometimes just a name written on a wall can be a beautiful work of art:

via apkhub

via apkhub

The kids in English Through Art had fun creating their own name on the covers of their sketchbooks.

Before rolling up our sleeves and jumping into painting, the kids needed to learn some vocabulary and some painting basics. In order to do this, we played Graffiti Word Scramble.  We took vocabulary words relating to graffiti and written in different graffiti fonts (so the kids could get familiar with different styles) and mixed them up in a bag.  The kids had to separate the different fonts and unscramble the words, like the one below. Can you unscramble it*:The next step was to practice the vocabulary we had learned. Painted the first letter of their name in the style of each vocabulary word:

When they finished, they sketched out their names graffiti style a few times, then chose which sketch they liked best.  Now they are in the process of painting their sketchbook covers.  We’ll post how those turn out.

* The scrambled word is graffiti.

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