Fishing For Alphabet

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What you will need:

  • a plastic container with lid.*
  • acrylic paint or construction paper
  • kitchen string
  • glue
  • short dowels, sticks or chopsticks (one for each player)
  • magnets (one for each pole)
  • 26 paper clips
  • the alphabet (you can use the one above, write them on bits of paper or cut them out of magazines)

To make the pond**:

  1. Decorate the outside of the plastic container with an underwater scene (if the container has slanted walls it’s easier if you paint it, if it has straight walls you can either paint it or cover it in paper). Ours is a combination painted and paper collage with a finishing layer of plastic wrap on to add a more watery look (ok, that’s not really the real reason…I was just looking for a quick and easy way to keep the little paper bits from peeling off sooner than later).
  2. Cover the lid with blue paper and cut a hole into the center. Put the lid back onto the container.  Now your pond is finished.

Preparing the alphabet:

  1.  Print off the alphabet page above and cut up the squares. Attach paper clips to each square.

Making the fishing poles:

  1. Cut off a short length of string, approx 10 in/25 cm.  It can be made longer for older kids. Tie it to one end of the stick and put a dot of glue so the string doesn’t slide up or down.
  2. Glue a magnet to the other end of the string.

Now you are ready to play.  Each player takes turn fishing the letter out, if he is able to read it, he can keep it.  If he isn’t able to read it, he has to throw the letter back into the pond.

*I didn’t have a plastic container so I used a metal one – what was I thinking? The magnet kept sticking to the can! I put in a layer of craft foam to correct this.  Another problem with using a can instead of a plastic container with a lid, meant I had to make a lid, so ours is crocheted in case you are wondering why our can looks like it has a big tea cosy on the top.  A round circle ‘doughnut’ shaped piece of paper would have been easier to correct the problem, but would have lasted for only a few classes.

**You could easily skip making the pond,especially if you are making the game for little kids and just place all the letters face down on the floor. But, the pond adds a bit of a challenge and the kids think its fun.  We play this game with all our other vocabulary words to, like words from the Dolch word list.

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