Morning Routine

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What do you do before school?  Isabella has created this fun game to help you remember.

Preparation:  you will need 6 copies of the cards above.  Cut them out and then you are ready.

The Object of the Game:  Memorize all the actions in the correct order.

How to Play:

  • Shuffle the deck of cards and put them in the center of the table.  Decide who goes first.
  • The first player draws a card and puts it face up next to the deck of cards.  He says what the person on the card is doing and does the action.
  • The second player draws a card and puts it face up on top of the card the first player drew.  First, she says what was on the first player’s card and does the action, then she says what is on her card and then does the action.
  • The third player draws a card and puts it face up and on top the 2nd player’s card and so on and so forth.
  • Play continues like this until one of the players makes a mistake (either by saying the wrong action, doing the wrong movement or says one of the actions  in the incorrect order).  If a player makes a mistake, he must take a card from the face up pile as a penalty.  When all the cards from the deck are finished (or you have played for predetermined set  of time), the game ends.  The person with least amount of penalty cards wins.

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