Swirls Workshop

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Swirl by Swirl, Sprials in Nature by written by Joyce Sidman e illustrated by Beth Krommes, is a beautiful book all about….you guessed it swirls and spirals.  The story was a bit difficult for the kids to follow, but it didn’t matter because the kids had lots of fun searching for all the spirals on every page.  After learning all about spirals, we made some of our own. Bloesem Kids had this wonderful project made with a few simple items you probably have around the house.


  • 18 gauge (or 1 cm) bendable wire (approx 1m + 10 cm)
  • pliers/wire cutters
  • pencil
  • pens and/or decorative paper
  • construction paper
  • wine cork
  • yogurt cup (optional)
  • glue (Elmers and hot glue)

1. If you are using a yogurt cup, hot glue the cork to the inside of the cup.  Hold onto the cork with your finger (so it doesn’t come loose) and use the nail to poke a hole though the bottom of cup and the cork (this will make it easier to push the wire through later on).

2.  Draw you design on a piece of construction paper, cut it out and retrace it onto another piece of construction paper.   Color and decorate the sides that face ‘outside.’ (Keep in mind that you are going to sandwich the wire between these to pieces – this way it is easier to figure out which sides to color).

3. Cut off appox 10 cm of wire (the length will vary, depending on the figure).  Bend into a c-shape. Use the pliers to make small loops at both ends.  If you are hold the C vertically, twist the loops so that the flat sides are parallel to the ground.

4.  Cut approx 1 m of wire (for the smaller kids we wrapped the ends with some tape so they wouldnt scratch themselves).  Wrap the wire around a pencil to make a coil.

5.  Remove the coil from the pencil and stretch it out (if your figure doesn’t ‘swirl’ down easily, try pulling so the coil will be longer).  Straighten a bit of one end and push it into the cork/yogurt cup. Thread your figure onto the spiral, and use the pliers to make a loop on the top end of the coil.  Your figure should spin down.

6.  If you have used a yogurt cup, use permanent markers and bits of fancy paper to decorate the cup.

Watch your figure swirl down the coil.

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