Numbers Slam

Preparation: Print off 4 copies of each sheet, laminate and cut out.

Deal out all of the cards.  Without looking at the cards, each player makes a deck in front of him(or her)self.  One at a time players flip over a card and puts it next to their face down deck.  The card should be flipped over away from the player (toward the circle) to give everyone a fair chance to see the card.  This goes on until there is a pair turned face up, the player that identifies the pair, slaps the center of the table and says slam.  He (or she) says what the pair is (4, 17 etc) and gains that pair (and puts it on the side). This goes on until all the cards are gone from the face down deck.  At this point, players leave their top face up card on the table, but take all the other cards and put them face down. Play continues like this until all the cards, it is impossible to turn over any more pairs.The player with the most cards at the end of the game is the winner.

Happy slamming!

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