Tom Wesselman

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To learn about things in the kitchen, we took inspiration from Tom Wesselman, an American artist who helped lead the pop art movement. First, we played games to get the kids familiar with the vocabulary – we do anything from flashcard games, to bingo and spelling games and  we also like to throw in a few drawing warm up exercises before getting started.

Once the kids had a bit of vocabulary under their belt,  we looked at a few of Wesselman’s pieces and discuss what elements they recognized.   Then, we rolled up our sleeves and got to work.


The kids had certain guidelines they had to follow, just to make sure we they used as much as the vocabulary as possible, but then after that, anything goes:

They drew, they cut and they glued:

They really got into making the smallest details of the kitchen, like the glass in the windows, the clock above the stove and some even made a chicken in the oven!

We’re so proud of the kids – they not only made some beautiful pieces of art, but they are also able to talk about them in English!