Rockin Out (the Painted Rocks Workshop)

Having a bad day? Go paint a rock.  Stressed out? Go paint a rock.  The kids were bouncing off the walls when they came in today, but as soon as we started painting the rocks, everything changed. There is something so therapeutic about painting rocks!

What you will need:

  • rocks (make sure you wash them off and let them dry thoroughly)
  • acrylic paints
  • paintbrushes
  • water containers

First decide what you are going to paint. (To keep the vocabulary simple, we decided to do barnyard animals, but there are so many things you could do-bugs, houses, food, freestyle decorating or just about anything). Since we did animals, we asked the kids, what color their animal would be and what 2 colors they need to make that color.

The kids mixed their paints.

Then get painting.

This is a great time to start using body parts vocabulary- eyes, nose, mouth, legs.  You can also throw in some vocab that is specific to animals like whiskers, snout, beak or paws.

Now you have a cute decoration for your knickknack shelf, a paper weight or if you have painted a large and heavy enough rock, also have a fancy doorstop.

What Could It Be…Halloween

This time you know what it could be…pumpkins and ghosts. Can you draw in some scary faces? You can either print this out and draw in the faces with a pen or you could save the image to your computer and then open it up in some sort of drawing program (like Paint- which we bet you either didn’t know you had it (ours is under accessories) or didn’t know what to use it for.  If you draw on the computer, you can our illustration again and again and draw different faces every time.

You probably recognized the background from the 5 Little Pumpkins Video we did or from the Halloween flier.  You can see we like to recycle.  Do you know how we made the ghosts and pumpkins?  If you guessed gauze bandages and old bottle caps, you are correct! Good Job!

Happy Drawing!

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What Could It Be?

Here is the first challenge of What Could It be? A piece of the sack of potatoes can become so many things!  Here are some ideas of what we think it might be.  What do you think it could be? The next time your mom or dad buys some onions or potatoes ask her/him to save the bag and see what you can make out of it!

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