Dolch Words List Pre-Primer

What are Dolch words?  Long story short: a man named Edward William Dolch made up a list 220 frequently used words that need to be recognized in order to improve fluency in reading the English language.  Some words you can sound out, but many are ‘sight words’ and must be memorized. You can also click on Edward William Dolch and Wikipedia will tell you  more about Mr Dolch and give you a full list of the words.

You can play Memory, Go Fish or if you print off the sheet below, you can play POW!

To play POW! Just cut up the cards and put them into a bag.  One player at a time takes out a word.  If she can read the word, she keeps it.  If ‘take another turn’ or ‘lose a turn’ is drawn, player does as the card says.  The exciting part is when POW is drawn.  If POW is drawn, the player must say POW and put all her cards back into the bag.  The winner is the person with the most cards.  You wont need all the cards from the last sheet, only about one of each per 5 players.

Check out Mrs.Perkins’ she has a lot of great ideas on games to play with the words.  In fact our game was taken from her site.  Thanks Mrs. Perkins!