Feeling a Little Like Playing an Emotion Game?

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You’ve now played Build A Monster and Emotions Memory, so you’re probably an expert at body parts and feelings. We’ve now combined the two and kicked it up a notch with The Pumpkin Emotion Game! (Yes, we know we weren’t very creative on the name, if you have a better one, please be sure to tell us)!

Pumpkins for the face:

pumpkins 2

Parts of the face:Your choice of die:or

To get started:

  1. Download and print enough pumpkins for each player.  Cut the sheet in half to separate the pumpkins.
  2. Download and print the sheet with the parts of the face (or make up your own from construction paper). Cut out the parts of the face. ( If you are laminating, laminate the sheet first then cut out the parts).
  3. Download and print 1 die (either the one with pictures or the one with words). Cut out and glue together.
  4. Download and print a sheet from the Emotions Memory (either the one with pictures or the one with words).  Cut into squares.

Now you are ready to play!  The object of the game is to complete a jack o lantern with the correct emotion on his face. The Instructions:

  1. Put the pumpkins and facial parts into the center.
  2. Put the emotions squares face side down and each player chooses out one.(The extras can be removed while the game is being played).
  3. Decide who goes first. The first player rolls. She must say what she has rolled and then may take 1 of the according piece from the center pile.  (i.e. if she rolls an eye, the she takes 1 eye).
  4. The asterisk may be played in two ways – if rolled, that player gets nothing or if rolled, that player may choose a piece of his choice.
  5. The first player to complete a whole jack o lantern face with the correct emotion wins.

Have fun!

Take a Trip With Your Imagination

Just a little bit of imagination can take you anywhere! Check out Paper City by Made By Joel. Vicky Knysh has  made life size toys to play with.  There are life sized cars to drive, trees to pick apples from, a maze to run around in, and even laundry to hang up…all made out of cardboard! Joel Henriques has created whole cities with buildings, people and cars that you can print cut out and play with.

We’ve taken inspiration from Harold and his purple crayon and Joel and Vicky and come up with some things you can print out and play with too. In some cases, we’ve left blank areas on some, so that you can fill in your own ideas. Try and make some places up on your own too.  Where will your imagination take you?

Fold between the dots and then cut along the line.

Harold is searching for his window. Draw some windows onto the buildings, maybe one will be his.

Can you finish drawing the boat?

Every town needs some people. We've drawn a couple for you. Can you draw a few more? How about some cars? Cut out and fold the rectangles to stand the people up.

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Emotions Memory Game

To read this in Italian, click here.

There are so many emotions, it will take forever to cover them all! But, we sure are going to try! Here are the first 12:

emotions memory color words

Print 2 versions of the faces above


Or one each of the versions below OR 2 of just the faces to make your memory game:

emotions memory color 002

As you may have noticed we’ve formatted the cards a little differently this time. We’ll try to include vocabulary words to include older kids in the future.

Remember get creative with your memory games! Aside from fishing games or pictionary or sculptionary you can play:

(these are better for small groups, next time we will do something for bigger groups)

1- Memory on Wall: tape cards upside down on the wall and the kids play a vertical version of memory. The cards can all be placed on one wall or if you have the possibility, you can scatter them on to different walls.

2 – Run and Touch –  Use only half the deck (one of each set), tape the cards face up on the wall and the teacher calls out one of the cards and the kids must run and touch the correct card.

3 – Bowling – Tape the cards onto bowling pins. On his or her turn, each child has to say what emotions got bowled down (or are still standing).

4 – Musical Flashcards – put the cards face up on the ground. The teacher plays music and the kids dance around.  The teacher stops the music and all kids must jump on one card and take turns saying what it is.

5- Charades – On his/her turn, each child takes a card and acts out what’s on the card.

(for some of these games you may have to enlarge the cards so the kids can see them).

Circus Memory

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Looking for a memory game to build some vocabulary before you build your Calder inspired circus? As usual, there is a colored version:

or the color it yourself version:

Print these out, (color if needed), cut them out and glue them onto some construction paper squares – tahdah you have a circus inspired memory game!

Remember there is more than one way to play memory here are some ideas –

Fishing Versions (using homemade magnet, string, stick fishing poles)

  • Attach paperclips to the cards and have the kids fish the cards instead of using their hands.
  • Divide the deck in half. Put paper clips on one half of the deck and spread them in a circle to make a ‘pond.’ From the other half of the deck, give each player a card. Each kid gets one chance to fish per turn – if there are more cards than kids, you can give a new card if the child fishes the correct one. (If playing in a classroom, you can also put the kids in one corner of the room and ‘the pond’ in another and they have to take turns running over to the pond to ‘fish’-this makes the cards harder to see and works a little better than normal memory, when the kids can’t sit still). Make sure the kids say what they fish, (even if it’s not the matching one) and if it matches or not.
  • You can also play the card game Go Fish, but you will have to print out 4 copies of each figure.  Each player gets 5 cards (or 3 or 7) and the rest go into the center of the playing circle or table. The object of the game is to make pairs with the cards in your hand and to get rid of all your cards. First all players take out any matching cards.The player to the dealer’s left goes first. The first player asks someone ‘Do you have a…(and then he/she says one of the card he/she has in hand)?’ If the other person then hands the card over if he/she has it or tells the ‘asker’ to ‘Go Fish.’ The first player either makes a pair and can go again or takes a card from the center pile.  Then the play goes on to the player on the first player’s left and so on.

If You’re Happy and You Know It…

If You’re Happy and You Know It is a fun song to teach to bilingual and ESL kids. It’s easy to sing and that has actions to go along with it, so they love to sing it.  It’s also sung in many languages, so they also more or less know the meaning.

This is a really cute video for If You’re Happy and You Know It. It’s a twist on the classic version:

As always we have a little something to do:

The Very Hungry Caterpillar

Let’s start off with The Very Hungry Caterpillar by Eric Carle.  It’s  a great ESL, EFL book because it  introduces various things from the life cycle from caterpillar to butterfly, lots of fun foods and the days of the week.

Great! Now you’ve read the book or seen the video now what????

Now you can print these out 2 times and make a memory game. We actually printed them out onto regular printer paper and then glued them onto colored construction paper b/c we have smarty pants kids that try to peek through the paper and see what’s underneath.

Regular old memory too boring for your kids? How about hooking on some paperclips and using some ‘fishing poles’ (either ones robbed from bought game or make them yourself-attach a short piece of string to a stick, chopstick, unsharpened pencil, popsicle stick and glue a magnet to the end).

Don’t like how we colored them?  We invite you to do a better job:

That’s all we have time for for our first entry.  You know Rome wasn’t built in a day.

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