I Like Bugs Workshop

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We were totally buggin’  out at our last Story and a Craft workshop. Even if you don’t like bugs, you will definitely like  I Like Bugs by Margaret Wise Brown.  It’s a cute rhythmic story all about…you guessed it, bugs!  The kids enjoyed the story, since it is funny, and gross (who wants to drink a bug?) and cool (who doesn’t like fireflies?) all at the same time. After we read the story, the kids made some bugs of their own.


  • walnut shells
  • marbles
  • permanent pens (we used sharpies and decorative markers)-
  • glue
  • paper
  • glitter and other things to decorate (optional)
  • googly eyes (optional)

It’s a very simple project, you’ve probably already figured out what you need to do.  Use the pens and glitter or whatever you have, to decorate the walnut shell like a bug.  You can make them funny, weird, mean looking – anything that you can think of. Don’t forget youcan use bits of paper to make wings, antennae or even teeny tiny legs.

When you are finished, put a marble underneath and you are ready to race! Let the bug races begin….ready, set….GO!